Dubai-Yas Island bus service recommended

By DG Staff

DUBAI 3 January 2019: RTA Customers Council in Dubai has recommended increasing the number of kiosks for recharging prepaid nol cards at the International City, and the parking space of Mirdif City Centre and Dragon Mart area.

A recent meeting also recommended:

  • Increasing the number of air-conditioned bus shelters
  • Consider increasing the number of buses
  • Reducing the service frequency on some routes
  • Increasing the number of bus stops
  • It also recommended opening new bus routes in Dubai and
  • Studying the opening and feasibility of a new bus route between Dubai and Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, given the immense attraction of this tourist destination.

The session also recommended that the Transport Activities Monitoring Department steps up monitoring and intensifies regular inspection campaigns on all public bus routes to curb cases of fare avoidance, said Wam.

A visual presentation was made about public bus services by reviewing the evolution of public transport in Dubai, bus routes, metro link service, intercity service, main stations and future stations in 2020. It also touched on the public bus fleet, 2019 bus ridership, nol usage, locations of ticket-vending machines, smart apps and online bus services.