How Egyptian wife got 3 husbands… @ same time

By Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 12 October 2017: How did a housewife manage to have three husbands simultaneously – and manage them separately without their knowledge? Ask this Egyptian lady.

The housewife was able to have three husbands at the same time for five years. But it ended in an anticlimax with her secret broken by an innocent child – her 4-year-old son – who discovered her crime and informed his father. The end result is a criminal trial, according to Arabic daily Al Bayan.

The wife married her first husband 6 years ago, who worked all day. She then met their neighbour.

The Unfolding

The husband one day felt stressed and went home to take a rest and eat lunch with his family. He did not find his wife at home. The children were left on their own.

He asked his eldest son, Ayman, who told him that his mother was with Sabri Al Hallaq, her third husband in the bedroom for some time and went together to buy underwear, according to what the child heard.

The husband asked his son not to inform his mother when she came home and returned to work and decided to watch his wife.

He noted during his observation of her for a week saw that she went to his neighbor ‘Yusuf II’ for two hours during the day till around noon, then come home to prepare lunch for the children and go to the apartment of by Sabri, her third husband, for two hours and return home.

The first husband searched their bedroom and mobile phone to find material evidence against himself, which quoted “I do not want to kill her and lose my life.”

Marriage Contract

He searched her belongings and guess what? He found two other marriage contracts inside her underwear – one for Sabri and the other from Yusuf II.

He submitted an official communication to the Public Prosecution, which referred her to the criminal court in the South Cairo Court.