Eid in UAE forecast for Sunday 25th June; How many holidays you get?

Islamic Crescent Observation Project forecast

ABU DHABI 19 June 2017: The Islamic Crescent Observation Project (Icop), has said that astronomically Eid Al Fitr of Hijri year 1438 will be on Sunday, 25th June in most Muslim countries, considering that sighting of the moon is a condition for the beginning of the month of Shawwal.

Mohammed Shoukat Awdah, head of Icop, said that most Islamic countries will witness the new moon of Shawwal on coming Saturday, said Wam.

Private Sector: If that is so, the private sector in the UAE will effectively get 4 days of holidays starting from Friday 23rd June to Monday 26th of June.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has declared the Eid Al Fitr holiday as an official paid holiday for all private sector employees in the UAE, and will take place on the first and second days of Shawwal in the Islamic year 1425.

This came in a Ministerial Circular issued by Saqr bin Ghobash Saeed Ghobash, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, pursuant to the provisions of Article 74 of Federal Law No. 08 for the year 1980 regarding the regulation of labour relations, as amended, which determines the holiday of the private sector as the first and second day of the month of Shawwal.

Government Sector: Effectively, the public sector may get 5 days of holidays starting from Friday 23 June until Tuesday June 27.

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources announced that Eid Al Fitr holiday for federal ministries and authorities in the UAE will begin on Saturday 29th Ramadan (corresponding to 24th June).

If Eid falls on Sunday, 25th June, work will resume on Wednesday (June 28th). That is effectively five days starting Friday June 23 to June 27.

If Eid falls on Monday, 26th June, the holiday will still begin on Saturday, 29th Ramadan, with work resuming on Sunday, 2nd July. That is effectively 9 day starting from Friday June 23 to July 1.

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How long will Eid hols be for UAE private sector?

By Eudore R. Chand