To escape arrest visa violator presents ID… of a man in jail

not known how he got id

DUBAI 23 August 2017: Strange but true – a Bangladeshi visa violator presented Emiratis ID of another person to avoid getting caught.

Little did he know that the ID of the man he presented was that of a man who was already in jail, arrested by Sharjah Police, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On July 14, at around 2.30am, First Corporal Yousef Abdullah, suspected a pedestrian so he stopped him.

“Asking him about his name, he submitted Emiratis ID that carried the name of Akhtar Hussain,” testified the policeman.

Checking on the ID, it was found out that Akhtar Hussain was under arrest by Sharjah police.

Confronting him with that, the pedestrian got scared and immediately said that was not his ID and told his real name.

He said that he impersonated another person because he violated visa regulations.

Records did not mention who gave the ID to the 32-year-old MH.

The court will give verdict on August 27.

By Lolyana Zaki