Explained: UAE offers two types of Transit Visas

By Eudore R. Chand

ABU DHABI 25 November 2019: In line with the UAE Government’s endeavor to make the UAE a global hub for talent, investors and businessmen, the Federal Authority for Identity And Citizenship Services (ICA) is expanding the range of its services and facilities for UAE residents who contribute in creating the community’s fabric.

The Transit Visa, which cannot be extended or renewed, is divided into two types enabling travelers passing through UAE airports to visit the landmarks of the country.

This visa types include a 48-hour free of charge transit visa.

The second is the 96-hour transit visa for Dh50, and they can only be coordinated through the UAE national airlines. Visitors must apply prior to the visit to obtain the visa before arriving and entering the country.

The range of services provided by the ICA also include Golden Residency Visa and Family Residence Visa. The main beneficiaries of these services include entrepreneurs, talented professionals, and researchers in the fields of science and knowledge development.

“The services will allow these categories to reside in the UAE for longer periods of time without the need of sponsors, and have their families with them which provides them with a better quality of life and higher levels of happiness,” said Major General Mohammad Al Marri, Director-General of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). “Our services and facilities will help attract a greater pool of talents to the UAE, and will contribute to achieving the Government’s vision of making the UAE a pioneer in innovations globally.”

Notably, the Golden Residency Visa is dedicated for residing without a sponsor for the person and his family members. It also offers the possibility of sponsoring up to three workers, as well as the person’s senior worker (counselor or executive director) along with the latter’s family members.

The Family Residence Visa allows UAE residents to bring their family members after meeting the requirements of such visas.