‘Friend’ robs woman who refused to return Dh3,000

By Lolyana Zaki

DUBAI  12 November 2017: A salesman allegedly pushed his way into a friend’s flat when she got in, stole her bag, gold necklaces and mobile phone before running away, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On May 31, SA, 37, Pakistani, called his Thai friend SB, 26, receptionist, but as she did not answer his call, he headed to her flat.

“I waited at her flat until her flatmate SK, 26 came, so I could get into the flat,” he said.

The victim was in the bathroom when he got in. As she came out she asked him to leave after he asked her to give him back Dh3,000 he had lent her. She claimed she did not have the amount.

“I got out of the flat with him to convince him to leave. As we got down the building, he snatched two gold necklaces I was wearing and worth Dh5,500. That was painful… he also snatched my mobile phone and ran away,” said the victim.

The victim told prosecutors that after she got up to her flat she discovered that the accused had stolen her handbag which contained Dh5,800, her ID and bank cards.

Her flatmate repeated corroborative testimony.

The accused admitted to snatching her necklaces and mobile phone. However, he told prosecutors that he also snatched her handbag that she was carrying when he got down the building. He justified that saying that she refused to give him back his money.

“I tried to give her back her belongings but she refused,” he said.

The court will give verdict on November 14.