Girl falls to death while taking high-rise selfie

By Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 27 October 2019: A 16-year-old Asian girl died yesterday after falling from  a tower on Sheikh Zayed Road.

She fell from the 17th floor as she was trying to take a picture of herself near the edge of her apartment balcony with her family.

Colonel Faisal Qasim, Director of Security Information Department at Dubai Police, said that the girl was trying to photograph herself in a (selfie) shot as she was standing on a chair near the edge of the barrier located in the balcony of the apartment. She suddenly lost balance, as was described by her sister who saw the accident. The victim slipped over the chair she was standing on and fell out while the phone fell into the balcony.

Colonel Qasim warned members of the community to be vigilant and take care. He also urged parents to monitor the actions of children.

Col. Faisal Qasim

Colonel Faisal used the incident to alert motorists of the danger of using mobile phones while driving.