Lover + mistress murder ‘unsuspecting’ husband

By Rajive Singh

DUBAI 7 March 2018: A young Asian man, aged 32, has been sentenced to death by the Dubai Criminal Court, while his mistress has been given 15 years in jail

Their crime was the murder of the mistress’ husband – who also happened to be a friend of the lover.

The murder happened in October 2016, when the wife conspired with her lover to get rid of her husband, following marital disputes.

The wife confessed that she had an illicit affair with the defendant, who had been her husband’s friend for two years.

To get rid of the husband, the lover suggested that he would pretend to try to solve the dispute between the husband and his wife. The lover agreed to convince the husband to have his hands and legs tied as proof of his interest in returning home and of his love for the mother of his children. The lover would then murder the husband, reported Gulf Today.

After the lover had tied the husband up, he hit him in the head with a stone but the husband did not die. He then took the husband to his house and told his mistress that he hit her husband but he was still alive. The wife told her lover to kill him. The lover took the husband in the car and rammed his head against the door of the car several times but the husband did not die. He laid the husband on the ground and ran the car over him several times until he was sure that the husband died.

He then went to a petrol station and bought a bottle of fuel, threw it on the body and set the body alight before leaving the scene.

He called his mistress again and told her he killed her husband and they both agreed to have a common answer to any question about the husband 0- that is: “He went to the sea and was not responding to phone calls.”