Male guard in ‘ladies’ toilet molests cleaner… repeatedly

By Lolyana Zaki

DUBAI 24 October 2017: An Egyptian security staff allegedly molested a female cleaner in a ladies toilets in Al Warqa park, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On August 30, at 7am, SR, 27, Nepali was dropped at the park by her employing company to start her work in the park.

“While I was in the park, I noticed the security staff was walking behind me wherever I went. I got into the ladies toilet and started my work. He got in and groped my lower back. I turned to him and angrily asked him to leave the place. He came in again and groped my shoulders. As I turned to him, he asked about my salary… I shouted at him and asked him to go to the gate where he is supposed to be. He shouted back telling that I should not teach him his duties. As he did not leave the place, I called my supervisor and told him what happened,” she said.

The supervisor promised the victim of changing her job’s location to another place and so she resumed her work.

At noon, the victim went to the toilet and was shocked when someone knocked the cabin’s door she was using.

“I looked down the door and found out it was a man. I quickly put on my dress and asked the man to get out of the toilet. Instead, he opened the cabin’s door with a key in his possession. I pushed him away and tried to get out of the toilet. Although he pulled me back from my shirt, I could release myself and sought help. A national man, heard me and called the police after informing my supervisor,” she said.

Police arrived at the park and arrested the security staff HA, 28.

The victim’s supervisor, AA, 29, Egyptian headed to the park after he received the cleaner’s complaint.

“I asked him why he followed the cleaner into the ladies’ toilet. He claimed that the municipality’s supervisor had asked him to observe the cleaning of the toilets. I asked him not to repeat that and left the place,” testified the victim’s supervisor.

The court will give verdict on November 14.