A guide to staying hydrated this Eid

Follow these tips to stay healthy, safe and strong

DUBAI 1 September 2017: As Muslim pilgrims from all over the world gathered in Makkah, it is important that individuals undertaking the religious celebration, stay well hydrated at all times.

“All pilgrims should aim to be fit. Keeping active and improving mobility can be easily tackled if the body is well hydrated. Optimal hydration levels may not only benefit general health, but also help pilgrims to avoid heat stroke,” said Arsalan Karim, Director, Research and Development, Clinova Ltd.

In the case of mass gatherings and huge crowds such as the Haj, the most important health concern is staying hydrated. Follow the below recommendations to help keep you safe and healthy. These can be used in normal times also.

Drink plenty of water: Water is always the best form of fluid during the pilgrimage. To stay hydrated, carry bottled water at all times and avoid carbonated drinks where possible during the entire journey.

Get enough rest and sleep: Sleep is crucial for recovery from a physically demanding journey. In addition to getting sufficient overnight sleep, resting periods are recommended before and after performing rituals to freshen up your body.

Drink soups and stews: Try and include hearty soups and stews in your meal. These are often full of water, and are a deliciously comforting way to increase your fluid intake.

Consume water-based foods: Cucumber, celery, tomatoes, spinach, grapes, watermelons are all composed of at least 90 per cent water, so pack your diet with these juicy foods every day.

Munch on nuts: For long journeys like Haj, consume dried fruit and nut mixtures that contain high amounts of potassium, sodium, protein, carbs and calories. It keeps you feeling energised and also maintains the optimal water levels in your body.

By Angel Chan