Guinness Record: Dubai Hospital removes 1-foot long kidney

measures more than 1 foot in length

DUBAI 23 July 2017: The Guinness World Records has awarded Dr. Fariborz Bagheri, Head of Urology Department at Dubai Hospital, with the achievement and record title for being the doctor to remove the largest kidney ever in the world.

After months of verifying data, Guinness World Records confirmed that the world’s largest kidney was removed in Dubai, UAE. At the time of removal, on 11 October 2016, the largest kidney weighed 4.25 kg and measured 34 × 17 cm in diameter.

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In an operation led by Dr. Fariborz Bagheri in Dubai Hospital, , simultaneous removal of two non-functional kidneys were carried on in a patient suffering from Polycystic Kidney Disease and hugely enlarged belly compressing all his internal organs Explaining the case in more detail, Dr. Bagheri said: “We had recommended removal of the kidneys a few years ago, however due to potential complications of the operation, the patient was reluctant until his general health condition deteriorated with difficulty in walking and breathing due to severely enlarged abdomen. Eventually, in October 2016, the patient accepted to undergo the recommended operation.

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“While kidney removal surgeries are considered routine procedures in the urology field, removal of kidneys of this size is extremely challenging and delicate. By the Grace of Allah, and with an accomplished team-work in Dubai Hospital, the operation was performed successfully, and the patient gained his normal daily life. After the operation, when we weighed the kidneys, we noticed that it is the largest kidneys ever removed. Now, we are delighted to be recognized by Guinness World Records. This acknowledgement is not only impressive for the Urology Department at Dubai Hospital, but also for the DHA and its patients”, Dr. Bagheri said.

Commenting on the record, Talal Omar, Head of Guinness World Records’ Dubai-based office said: “We have spent many months studying extremely complex medical records and now that the assessment is complete, Guinness World Records is happy to announce that the record title of the Largest Kidney is now official.”As the leading global authority on record breaking, we want to challenge the way people and brands view themselves. We believe in offering record breaking ideas for everyone, everywhere and will continue to seek out new and exciting records in the UAE – a market that has no dearth of creative ideas and inspiration.”

By Sheena Amos