Hatta readies for first XDubai Spartan Race Championship

By Angel Chan

DUBAI 1 October 2017: The first Middle East edition of the XDubai Spartan Race Championship – one of the toughest obstacle races in the world – will take place at the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail on Friday, November 10. The event is being organised in partnership with the Dubai Sports Council.

Holding the event in Hatta is part of the Hatta Comprehensive Development Plan with the aim of enhancing social and economic development in Hatta, and boosting its attractiveness as a tourism destination, particularly in the area of eco-tourism.

spartan 2

The organising committee of the event is working closely with different stakeholders to finalise preparations for the event. The committee has already held meetings with Dubai Sports Council, Dubai Municipality in Hatta, and Dubai Health Authority. A number of site visits were organised to select the best tracks for the competition.

spartan 1

The Dubai Sports Council is preparing a camping area near the JA Hatta Fort Hotel close to the mountain trails, which will be open to participants in the Championship on 9 and 10 November. In addition, a recreational village will be set up at the venue of the competition, which will include two medical centers, rest areas, a children’s play area, food trucks, and a dedicated area to display sports outfits and equipment from major companies.

spartan 4

The event will feature three categories including a special event for children below 15 years over a 1.5 km course. Open to either individuals or teams, the three main categories in the Spartan Race include the Spartan Sprint for amateurs and beginners over a 5 km course, a Beast Spartan race stretching over 21 km, and a special event for juniors. The elite athletes competing in the Spartan Beast will be competing for cash and other prizes worth more than $50,000 (Dh185,000).

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will provide free shuttle services all day on 10 November from Dubai to Hatta. In addition, the organising committee will provide more than 2,000 parking slots for participants and the public.