Hot to ‘very hot’ in UAE; Mercury touches 49°C

Friday was hot to very hot in general and hazy

ABU DHABI 1 July 2017: NCMS (the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology), is warning of very high temperatures over the weekend, peaking at between 45° and 47° Celsius across the country.

However, its bulletin showed mercury touching 49°C in some internal areas of the country yesterday itself.

On Friday, it was hot to very hot in general and hazy at times.

Some clouds appeared over some eastern areas, with chance of towering clouds formation at times. Light to moderate winds in general, freshened during daytime, and may have caused blowing dust/sand at times.

The relative humidity was likely to increase by night and early morning over some coastal and internal areas, with chance of fog/mist formation especially westward.

Seas were slight to moderate in the Arabian Gulf, and moderate becoming rough at times in North Oman sea.

In its forecast for the next 48 hours, NCMS says it will remain very hot, partly cloudy and hazy at times over some areas, with a chance of some convective clouds developing over the eastern and the southern areas by afternoon.

Light to moderate winds in general, freshening at times during the daytime over some exposed areas causing blowing dust. The relative humidity will increase during night and early morning times over some coastal western areas. Seas will be slight to moderate in the Arabian Gulf, and moderate in the Sea of Oman, becoming rough at times towards the north.

By Angel Chan