Ikea tips on making ‘shared spaces’ a success

DUBAI 13 October 2019: As a parent, your worst nightmare is when your children grow up and expect their own space. With houses getting smaller and smarter, you find the need for your children to cohabitate and you want this shared space to work for them because you believe it will be a great experience. The question is ‘how can you make a big impact with a small investment? And what can you do to transform small space to a functional smart space?

Ikea loves new ideas and wants to help you ‘start fresh’. The Swedish home furnishing giant has put together some easy tips that can make sharing space work better not just for your children, but for the whole family.

Create the right space for sleep, study and friends: Children need an organised space for studying, homework and creative artwork. If you have a smaller room and are short on space, a loft bed and study is perfect to make sharing space exciting for the young ones.

It is important you install the right lighting in the study area.

Get creative with storage solutions: With increasing stationary items, your children barely find any space in their desk drawers to store everything.

Create the right mood with décor: Once the bigger things are taken care of, it’s time to create the right mood for the children to love their shared space.

You can use curtains when you want privacy or want to block glares from TV and computer screens.