Illegal swindled 8 newcomers to Dubai… to pay his own overstay fine

would take passport and money and would disappear

DUBAI 4 July 2017: An Asian targeted those who come first time to the UAE and stole their mobiles, passports and money after claiming he was their sponsors’ representative, said Sami Salem Al Shamsi, Advocate General and Chief Prosecutor of Dubai.

He called on newcomers and visitors not to hand over their belongings to anyone before they are sure of the person’s identity to avoid being victimized by swindlers.

Al Shamsi
Al Shamsi

While looking for a victim at arrival hall terminal No. 1 at Dubai International Airport, the accused would notice a man holding his passport and visa waiting for someone.

He approached him and claimed that he was his sponsor’s representative and was assigned to transport him to employer’s accommodation.

The accused asked the victim to give him his passport and visa he also asked him to give him some money to buy him a SIM card.

The newcomer gave the ‘representative’ what he asked him for and the latter disappeared.

The victim complained to the police.

Police arrested the accused roaming suspiciously at the airport’s arrival area and had the same descriptions that the victim gave.

Confronting him with his crime, the accused admitted to swindling eight people following the same modus operandi.

Police found out that he overstayed his visit visa and that he needed money to pay the fine.

By Lolyana Zaki