Dubai student named ‘Creative Innovator’ at Innovation Summit

By Sheena Amos

Arjun Bhorkar wins for idea to help autistic people

DUBAI 27 October 2017: Arjun Bhorkar, Grade 11 student at The Millennium School, Dubai, was honored with the prestigious Creative Innovator Award for Healthcare at the Global Innovation Summit held recently in Dubai.

With 15,000 event attendees, the Global Innovation Summit provides a knowledge-sharing platform, bringing together key stakeholders and industry experts to share best practices and success stories.

Winning the award under the ‘Best Innovation for Healthcare’ category, Arjun Bhorkar’s submission was Aura – a wearable device designed to help people with autism.

The device is meant to have a Radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader that once scanned over an object, plays a tutorial video that serves as a guide showing how to perform the activity – everything from opening a door to operating a washing machine.

Arjun says he was inspired to come up with this idea after doing voluntary work at the Manzil Centre in Sharjah and believes autistic people are equally capable as everyone else, and can become proficient through practice.

The Creative Innovator Awards are distributed across six categories according to Dubai’s Strategic Objectives – Innovation in Education, Healthcare, Retail, Business Growth, Sustainability and Public Good. The winners are offered complete incubation support through development of the project.