Tired of searching for parking? Here’s a win-win solution

By Angel Chan

Leasing parking spaces to nearby offices and residences

ABU DHABI 1 October 2017: Al Wahda Mall, an landmark shopping destination located in the heart of Abu Dhabi city has offered to leases parking space to nearby offices and residential apartments.

Focusing on the convenience and ease of not only shoppers, but also the community at large, these parking spots are allocated overnight in order to address parking issues in the areas surrounding the mall.

“At Al Wahda Mall, we are continually on the lookout for new ideas that will not only help mall visitors but also benefit the community at large. We understand that sometimes it is a challenge to find parking in areas surrounding the mall, and look at this as an optimum utilization of mall space and resources,” says Mohammed Nauman Thakur, General Manager, Al Wahda Mall.

Nauman Thakur

“As the mall premises has less or no footfall during the night, it is best to lease it out to surrounding offices and residential apartments. At Al Wahda Mall, it is a continuous effort to serve the community through innovative mall initiatives,” he added.

The parking slots are available on lease monthly, bi-annually for residential apartments and offices on a first come first serve basis.