Install window restrictors to ensure children’s safety

By DG Staff

ABU DHABI 28 June 2020: The Abu Dhabi Police said carelessness by parents in taking necessary preventive measures and the absence of supervision over children, is one of the most main causes of children accidentally falling from windows and balconies of residential buildings.

The police urged families to install protective devices such as “window restrictors or guards” and keep large furniture pieces and toys for children away from the windows and balconies to avoid arousing the curiosity of children because they climb onto them to see what is going on out in the street and that causes them to fall over and lose their lives.

It also warned families against playing with children near the windows and balconies or looking down, which leads to children falling, stressing the need to always close the balcony doors. The police also instructed adults in the house to keep the key of the balcony door away from the reach of children and to ensure that there is nothing in the balcony that enables the child to climb over, said Wam.

The police stressed that the safety of children at home is the responsibility of parents and a moment of inattention or negligence could lead to the death of a child.