Investor with forged passport to show false alibi for woman criminal

gets three months in jail

DUBAI 17 August 2017: A Chinese investor was charged guilty of forging and smuggling a forged passport of a woman under arrest and received three months in jail sentence.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance also ordered, SY, 48, to be deported after serving his jail term.

According to the records, the passport carried forged UAE entry and exit stamps to prove that she was outside the country when a crime was committed, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On April 14, SY, tried to enter the country from Oman and he was randomly searched by the customs inspector at the border.

When Officer Obaid Hassan was searching the passenger’s car, SY was telling him that he has nothing in his car and that he always travel through this point. The officer asked him to wait until he finished his job.

In the glove compartment, the officer found four passports along with the car’s insurance and other documents. One of the passports was that of a woman.

“As I was taking out the passports, the passenger told me that all the passports are original documents and that he had received them from a person in Oman to hand them over to a person in Dubai,” testified the officer.

As the passenger seemed worried, I asked him to call the man who gave him the passport or who will receive them from him. He spoke to someone but the officer did not understand because he was taking Chinese.

Checking with the immigration office about the passports, the officer found out that the passport of the woman belonged to a woman under arrest.

Checking her case, the officer found out that the woman’s passport carried entry and exit stamps showing that she was outside the country when the crime she was accused of was committed.

Confronting the passenger with that, he did not answer as he was sending audio messages over his mobile.

“I asked him to put aside his mobile, and answer the question,” said the officer.

The passenger denied knowing anything about the passport nor the woman.

He initially claimed that an Omani gave them to him, but later he said that he was a Chinese whom he met in the street in Oman.

The passenger also denied knowing the identity of the person that he was supposed to hand him over the passports in the UAE.

Criminal evidences reported that the woman’s passport was forged.

By Lolyana Zaki