Leave car abandoned = Impound + Dh3,000 fine

By Angel Chan

ABU DHABI 1 February 2018: The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM), has clamped down on abandoned vehicles left in neighbourhoods and at commercial outlets in Bani Yas, Shawamikh, Southern Wathba, Bani Yas West, New Wathba, Al Shamkha and Wathba North.

The campaign marks the strenuous efforts made by the municipality to maintain the ideal image of the city, besides nurturing a sound environment that ensures all means of comfort and safety, said Wam.

At the start of the campaign in order to avoid ticketing offenders, the municipal inspectors issued 70 warnings to the owners of the abandoned vehicles and gave them a grace period of three days to remove and clean their vehicles. Having exhausted the grace period, 32 vehicles have been towed away to the impound yard under the Law No. 02 of 2012.

A fine of Dh3,000 was imposed on each offender, but once the offender reports to the municipality, a settlement is offered including a payment of 50 per cent of the fine. If the offence recurs, the fine will be doubled and daily impounding fees will apply, depending on the type of vehicle and the area from which the vehicle is removed.

The municipality calls upon all community members to safeguard the general appearance of the city in the best interest of the community and the environment. The municipality renewed its commitment to continue such awareness campaigns to raise public awareness on eyesores marring the general outlook and undermining the environment.

The Law No. 02 of 2012 and its executive regulation, which governs appearance, health and public tranquility in the emirate, was amended and the grace period was reduced to just three days instead of 14, after which the municipal inspector shall notify a car towing company to remove the vehicle for marring the general appearance due to the accumulation of dust and waste.

The law applies to all vehicles, trailers, boats and the like, all of which may be towed away to the impound yard in Wathba and Mafraq Industrial Area.