Ring tailed lemurs join Dubai’s indoor rainforest

DG Staff

DUBAI 7 November 2020: The Green Planet, Dubai’s answer to an educational and recreational bio-dome, announce its latest additions to the tropical rainforest – three ring tailed lemurs! The Green Planet is a groundbreaker in the region when it comes to animal welfare and conservation, so it comes as no surprise that three of the endangered lemur species have been taken under their wing.

The three lemurs were all born in a care facility in Europe and will be part of The Green Planet’s conservation breeding initiative as soon as they are old enough. The Madagascar natives are unfortunately an endangered species with less than 2,000 known individuals left in the wild due to deforestation, illegal pet trade, and poaching.

One 3-year-old girl and a brother sister 1-year-old duo, will now take the title of the latest additions to The Green Planet, proving that three is the magic number! As highly social creatures, the lemurs are constantly attached by the hip – you can catch them sleeping bunched up together in cozy bliss, hanging out with the rainforest’s sloths, playing with the Victorian Crown Pigeons, and roaming around their new 7-story tall jungle home to find the perfect spots for sunbathing.

Popularized by Madagascar’s King Julien, these ring-tailed lemurs can’t go unnoticed with their distinctive, vividly striped, black-and-white tails. They like to “Move it-Move it”! However, when they’re not doing that, you can find the omnivores munching down on both protein and fruity snacks from around the bio-dome.
The Green Plant officials said: “The Green Planet team has been planning to bring Lemurs into our family for some time now. As with all new animals that join our family, we have quite an extensive pre-arrival preparation plan that includes accounting for every possible scenario during the introduction process to their new home. It was very intriguing to see the process of the TGP animal family getting to know the new lemurs as The Green Planet now has one of the largest ranges of tropical wildlife sharing a multispecies home in the world. All have settled very well, and we are very happy to welcome them to the family to share their education message on tropical Madagascan endangered wildlife to all our guests!”

Don’t miss your chance to get involved in the lemurs’ journeys – The Green Planet will be hosting a naming competition! Keep your eye on The Green Planet’s social pages, because you’ll soon be able to vote for your favorite names. What’s more? Vote and get entered into a draw for a complimentary brunch for 4, exclusively at The Green Planet Café – It’s a win-win all around!


• Their tail is longer than their body!
• Males put smells on their tail by rubbing it on scent glands on their bottom and then waving their tail in the air. It is known as “stink fighting!”.
• The ring-tailed lemur’s Latin name is “Catta” because of their cat-like looks
• They are the most vocal of all lemurs
• A group of ring-tailed lemurs is called a “troop”



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