Watch lifeline rescue of sailors off ship that ran into rocks

By Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 22 February 2019: Dubai Police succeeded in rescuing 14 sailors who were stranded on their ship which had run aground over rocks during heavy seas early morning.

Port Police and Air Rescue managed to carry out a risky operation and rescue 14 sailors after their large vessel was blown off course and collided with the breakwater rocks in front of the waterfront on Deira island.

High waves were caused strong winds. Unfortunately for the ship, it suffered engine failure and that is why the crew lost control of the ship.

The Acting Director of Port Police, said the marine rescue team and the divers were able to move the sailors to safety in a 35-minute operation.

It was a difficult operation due to continuing strong winds and and high waves.

The command and control room received a report at 6:14 am on Wednesday morning, stating that there were sailors of Asian nationality stranded on a aground vessel off the waterfront of Deira Island.

Naval Rescue, maritime security, joint patrols and the intervention of the air rescue helicopter were able to reach the ship, but due to wind intensity, it was not feasible to take the sailors off the ship using police boats.

It was best to set up lifelines to the shore. One by one the sailors were moved from the ship and safely brought to shore. Even their baggage was brought to shore.

First aid was provided to those in need.

The sailors thanked Dubai Police for saving their lives after the fear of their inability to control the boat and control the fate of their lives. They expressing their extreme happiness of surviving the ordeal.


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