Maid steals co-worker claiming she does not know whereabouts her

An Ethiopian maid allegedly stole From her co-worker Dh6,000 and made the driver to transfer the amount to her home country.

MA, 29, is also accused of steal two mobile phones worth Dh1,600 from compatriot AM, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On August 28, the victim AM, went to her country’s consulate and as she returned to her employer’s house, she discovered the missing of her money and the mobile phones.

“I was keeping them in my wardrobe in the quarter allocated for the domestic servants. I suspected that FA stole them,” testified the victim.

The victim informed her employer’s wife who was at home and then the police.

Police confiscated the mobile phones in the possession of FA and claimed that she took them because she does not know whereabouts AM.

The Indian driver, SS, told the police that a month earlier, FA, had asked him to transfer the amount to her home country. He did that and brought her the transfer receipt.
The court will give sentence on November 27.