Man in Dubai done to death for abusing friend’s wife

moved body as alcohol was stored where he died

DUBAI 21 July 2017: A drunk technician allegedly murdered his friend in a fight and beat him to death using a wooden bar, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On Thursday April 27, IM, 42, and the victim TT, and other friends were consuming alcohol in Al Quoz area.

The victim received a call from a friend, DM, a guard, telling him that he had left him some food at the construction site.

“At around 8pm, I left with him to the construction site and we ate and drank alcohol which was stored there by DM. During an argument, I raged in anger when TT abused me and my wife. I got out and found a wooden bar. I hit him with it at different areas of his body until he fell and so I left the place,” admitted IM.

The accused left to his accommodation and was very scared and was willing to turn back to find out what happened to TT.

A friend asked me to join him to look for alcohol. I went with him and we both went to the construction site to DM who stores alcohol. DM was already there and when he told us that IM was dead in the villa, I kept silent and did not tell him what happened,” said the accused.

DM asked to help carrying the body of TT to a neighbouring villa under construction as he was storing alcohol.

After moving the body of TT to the neighbouring villa, DM informed his supervisor AA, who called the police.

Police arrived and the accused with the guard and the informer were at the scene.

When police questioned the accused he admitted to the crime.

Forensic reported that the victim had high level of alcohol in his blood that made it not possible to resist and defend himself. The cause of death was because of severe internal bleeding at different areas of his body that affected blood circulation and caused nervous shock and death.

The court will reconvene on August 10.

By Lolyana Zaki