Man pretending to be girl blackmails boy student for sex

predator developed friendship with the victim

DUBAI 20 July 2017: An Emirati man allegedly pretended to be a girl and communicated with a 16-year old student enticing him to send inappropriate pictures and videos of himself, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

He then proceeded to blackmail the student threatening him with scandal if he does not allow him to have sex with him.

TH, 23, added the student on BlackBerry messenger and the latter accepted the invitation. TH introduced himself as a girl named Hamda, but did not give any information about her.

The student thought it could be one of his friends joking with him.

“I retrieved the pin code of Hamda’s contact number and sent it to all my friends to see who was joking with me. Unfortunately, I sent the message to the so-called ‘Hamda’ as well. ‘She’ got very upset about circulating her pin code among my friends and threatened to tell my brothers. She said she knew the whereabouts of my house. Later, she asked me to send her some inappropriate pictures and videos of mineI was scared of her, so I sent her what she requested,” testified the victim.

After some time, the student received an invite from someone called T.

“After accepting T’s invite, he told me that he knows about the problem between me and Hamda and offered helping me getting her number against paying him Dh7,000. He asked me for my mobile number and I gave it to him and so he started calling me to get Hamda’s mobile number.


Later, T told the victim that he paid the amount to Hamda and got her mobile set and deleted all of my pictures and videos which I sent her. This was how a friendship started between me and T,” testified the victim.

The two started meeting in different shopping malls in Dubai.

End of last year, T sent a message via ‘WhatsApp” to the victim telling him that he still possesses his pictures and videos which had been sent to ‘Hamda” and asked to meet him.

The victim met T who roamed around in Murdif area and then tried to molest him.

“When he asked me to meet again, I refused. Then he threatened me of posting the pictures and videos, so I submitted to his request.”

The victim reported the incident to the police.

It was discovered that Hamda was no one else but the accused.

The court will reconvene on August 22.

By Lolyana Zaki