Money, tobacco smuggling attempts foiled by UAE

By Rajive Singh

ABU DHABI 11 November 2017: The General Administration of Customs – Abu Dhabi has foiled three attempts to smuggle money and tobacco as well as an act of commercial fraud, at the Mezyad Customs Centre.

According to a statement, the first incident involved an Arab cargo truck driver who was attempting to leave the country. Inspectors on duty at the centre became suspicious and took the traveller and the truck to the Customs Clearance Unit for a detailed inspection. As inspectors were carrying out the routine check, 1,800 boxes of tobacco, each containing ten packs of different types of cigarettes were found hidden inside garbage bags in the vehicle. A record of the incident and settlement were issued following the payment of the customs fine, said Wam.

In the second incident, the customs inspectors became suspicious of a vehicle driven by an Arab traveller headed towards the customs checkpoint. When the vehicle was searched, inspectors discovered money in Saudi and Yemeni currencies hidden in different compartments of the vehicle. The total amount of funds smuggled was SR118,485 and YR70,000. Accordingly, the money was seized, and the suspect was referred to the competent authorities to take the necessary legal actions.

The last incident involved an Arab truck driver who was ending customs procedures in preparation to exit the country. The inspectors conducted a thorough inspection of the truck and the goods and found fraudulent invoices and the country of origin. The invoices presented stated India as the country of origin for the cargo, while when inspecting the products, inspectors discovered that the shipment included 34 printers made in the Philippines, four refrigerators from India, 40 boxes of ink from Taiwan and another 40 from the USA, as well as 30 electric toolboxes made in Taiwan. After the due procedure and paying off the customs fines the vehicle was sent back to the country of residence.

Rashid Lahej Al Mansouri, Director-General of the General Administration of Customs – Abu Dhabi praised customs inspectors’ vigilance to combat illegal attempts and commercial fraud across the country’s air, land and seaports. He also highlighted Abu Dhabi Customs’ effort to protect and maintain the security of our homeland, and ensure smooth cross-border activities and customs services.