Were mysterious rocks really spotted in UAE skies?

Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 6 February 2021: Were there really two giant moons in the sky at around 10pm on February 4, or was it artful imagery to create a buzz by a marketing firm?

Stunning images, videos and social posts of two giant ‘rock-like’ shapes in the sky have circulated on the internet. There are many theories about this strange and rare phenomenon which has been spotted in the UAE and is already a trend on social media.

While there is no conclusive analysis about the strange episode, Instagram and Twitter users have been discussing theories about what these curious objects are. The most popular one is called “Double Moon” and suggests that some planets can appear as big as the moon due to the stars’ alignment. Some experts say that alignments between planets viewable from Earth are rare, occurring once every 800 years.


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