Movie-style car chase, crash, fake CID, cop assault and escape…

fake cid attacks policeman

DUBAI 29 August 2017: Like in action movies, an Emirati motorist allegedly intentionally maneuvered and crashed into a police patrol after he was asked to stop.

However, the collision was a big failure because the motorist’s car was pinned on top of the pavement forcing him to use his legs to run away, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On January 25, 2014, KA, 36 Bangladeshi worker, headed to a grocery in Al Quoz area to buy some stuff.

A car was there and three men wearing UAE national dress in it, stopped him and claimed to be CID.

“The driver asked me to step towards him. While talking to him, he got off the car, opened the back door and pushed me in. A man who sitting in the backseat pulled me inside and they closed the door. They drove to a sandy area where they stole my mobile phone and Dh1,200 from my purse which they asked for to check my identity,” said the victim who informed the police.

A police patrol was assigned to head to the location of the victim.

Policeman Ahmad Ali 33, and the driver First corporal Shuaib Yousef reached the location and met the victim who gave the description of the car and his attackers.

“While we were still in the area talking to the victim, we spotted the car passing by us. We asked the driver to stop. Instead he increased his speed … we followed him but he maneuvered against our car several times before he crashed into our car badly. Due to the harsh collision, his car landed on the walkway and he was unable to move it. As we got off the car, the driver got off too and ran away. My colleague dealt with a passenger who remained in the car and I ran after the driver,” testified Ahmad Ali.

Finally, the policeman caught the driver but the latter resisted his arrest with all his force. He assaulted the policeman and pushed him to the ground before he could run away again.

Police confiscated the victim’s mobile with AI, 44, Iranian, who remained in the car.

Police later arrested the driver, AA, 34, Emirati.

Forensic reported DNA of the two accused on alcohol bottles that were in the car.

The Emirati is accused of pretending to be CID, kidnapping and stealing from KA, assaulting a police officer, endangering the life of police officers on duty, causing damage to a police car valued Dh6,900, possessing 11 cans of beers.

The Iranian is accused of theft, criminal complicity and consuming alcohol.

The Dubai Prosecution asked the court to implement stiffest penalty against the accused who had committed a number of similar crimes.

By Lolyana Zaki