How much did the Ajman No. 2 car plate sell for?

By Angel Chan

AJMAN 28 November 2017: The vehicle number plate (2) led bids in the public auction for distinguished Ajman vehicle number plates organized by Emirates Auction on Saturday night.

The number plate (2) was sold for Dh1.650 million and is among 50 distinguished Ajman number plates sold at the auction from category (H), which was launched for the first time in Ajman.

The auction, which was held at Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel, managed to raise Dh9.131 million after a fierce competition took place between bidders in order to win the best vehicle number plates that appealed to them. The auction was attended by more than 850 patrons, while the number plate (2) received the highest number of bids before being sold for Dh1.650 million.

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The number plate (10) recorded the second highest bid in the auction with Dh695,000, while the number plate (11) came in third with a winning bid of Dh660,000. On the other hand, the number plate (69) witnessed the second highest number of bids and was bid on 20 times before being sold for Dh530,000, followed by the number plate (21) which recorded 11 bids before being sold for Dh460,000.

Abdulla Matar AlMannaei, Chairman and Managing Director of Emirates Auction, stated that the auction has achieved great success both in terms of attendance, competitive environment, sales and customer satisfaction. He added that the company is eager to continue to hold auctions that meet its expectations, in cooperation with its strategic partners at the local level and in accordance with the highest internationally recognized standards in this field.


Other prominent vehicle number plates that drew the attention of bidders at the auction include the number (999) which sold for Dh 400,000, the number (123) which sold for Dh280,000, and the number (101) which sold for Dh230,000.

The 4 double-digit number plates in the auction were sold for Dh2.345 million, while the 14 three-digit number plates were sold for Dh2.615 million. The 14 four-digit number plates were sold for Dh1.078m, and the 17 five-digit plates were sold Dh1.443 million.