UAE Armed Forces sign Dh17.91 billion worth of deals

DG Staff

ABU DHABI 24 February 2021: The third day of the International Defence Exhibition (IDEX) and the Naval Defence Exhibition (Navdex) 2021 has seen the UAE Armed Forces sign 12 new deals, worth Dh5.589 billion, with local and international companies.

The cumulative value of deals signed at IDEX and Navdex 2021 is now Dh17.913 billion.

Staff Brigadier-General Mohammed Al Hassani, Official Spokesperson of the IDEX and Navdex exhibitions, said: “The total amount of deals signed with international parties amounted to Dh1.164 billion, which is 21 percent of the total deal value for today, and Dh4.425 billion of deals were agreed with UAE companies, which is 79 percent of today’s total deal value.”

“Six contracts were awarded to international companies, and six agreements have been implemented with UAE based companies. 12 deals were signed in total,” he added.

The deals were announced during a press conference held today in the presence of Naval Staff Colonel Fahed Nasser Al Thehli and Lieutenant-Colonel Staff Maya Rashid Almazrouei, spokespersons for IDEX and Navdex 2021, said Wam.

Naval Staff Colonel Fahed Nasser Al Thehli, Official Spokesperson for Navdex, commented: “Significant deals with UAE companies today include the contract which was put in place with Yas Holding LCC, purchasing Korean Chunmoo launchers and missiles, at a value of Dh2,955,292,542. Further deals have included agreements with ‘Abu Dhabi Ship Building Company, providing technical support services for naval vessels and ships, at a value of Dh650,000,000.

“In addition, we have signed deals with ‘Vallo Equipment Spare Parts Trading’, providing technical support and supplying spare parts for the General Maintenance Corps, with a value of Dh60,000,000. We have hired ‘Unilux Heavy Equipment Spare Parts’, providing technical support for the General Maintenance Corps, for a value of Dh30,000,000.

“Further, contracts have been agreed with ‘Abu Dhabi Aviation Company’, providing the operation and management of search and rescue aircraft for the Joint Aviation Command for Dh173,500,000. Deals have also been concluded with ‘Etimad Strategic Security Solutions LCC’, providing technical support for security systems, at a value of Dh556,271,790.”

Lieutenant-Colonel Staff Maya Rashid Almazrouei commented: “Prominent international deals have included contracts have been put in place with Harris International, implementing automated command and control projects, at a value of Dh651,519,997, alongside a renewed agreement with Elettronica providing technical support for reconnaissance for the Air Defence Command, for a value of Dh289,394,300.

‘We have also signed agreements with Boeing, providing maintenance on C-17 simulators for the Air Defence Command, at a value of Dh112,966,788. We have hired Thales, purchasing spare parts for radar systems for the Air Defence Command, at a total value of Dh66,432,037.

“Contracts have also been implemented for ‘Rheinmetall Man Military Vehicles’, providing maintenance and technical consultation at a value of Dh40,700,000. Additional agreements have been put in place with UK Roborn Service, providing training in the realm of cyberspace, for Dh2,938,400.”


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