New salary scales for Abu Dhabi government staff

By Eudore R. Chand

ABU DHABI 1 January 2019: The Abu Dhabi Executive Council has issued a resolution regarding a new salary scale, grading and allowances for Abu Dhabi Government employees.

A second resolution will transfer employees to the new scale.

According to a statement by the Executive Council, government employee pensions will “increase significantly,” to enhance the quality of life and stability of Emirati families, with payments being calculated on almost 80 percent of the gross salary. “Previously, repayments were calculated only on basic salary,” the statement to Wam added.

The salary scale resolution aims for parity among employees of all Abu Dhabi government entities, it continued.

“The changes will help achieve excellence in government performance and increase retirement pensions, in line with the leadership’s wishes to enhance liveability standards for UAE nationals during and after their civil service careers.

“The resolution will not affect gross salaries, but will adjust salary scale, grading systems and allowances to a unified scale across all government entities. This will in turn achieve equality and fairness, while enhancing competitiveness within the government sector. It will also give employees the opportunity for promotion according to their performance,” the Executive Council statement affirmed.

The Government of Abu Dhabi will cover the cost of the resolution, which will introduce new incentives to attract and reward outstanding talent and encourage excellence and innovation within government entities. In addition, Emirati graduates will have access to paid training contracts, giving them greater opportunities for career advancement.

The resolutions will take effect as of 1st January 2020, and will apply to employees across all civil government entities in Abu Dhabi.