No more Sheri or Safi fish on table from March 1

By Rajive Singh

Fishing and trading banned until April 30

DUBAI 1 March 2018: The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (Moccae), will commence the implementation of the Ministerial Decision No. 501 of 2015 regulating the fishing and trading of Arabian Sheri, or Emperor fish, and Safi, or Rabbitfish, during the breeding period from 1st March to 30th April 2018.

The decision stipulates that trading of local or imported Sheri and Safi fish is prohibited in fish markets and other outlets during the breeding season each year throughout the country. Importing and re-exporting of these fish in any form – fresh, frozen, salted, smoked, packed – is also not permitted during this period, said Wam.

The decision is in line with Moccae’s strategic goal of enhancing food diversity and helps sustain the stock of Sheri and Safi, which are among the most important local fish varieties that are considerably depleted due to uncontrolled fishing during the breeding season. This in turn leads to hurdles in rebuilding natural stocks of these fish species.

Moccae works alongside its strategic partners from federal and local entities, environmental authorities and fishermen societies, to implement the decision and raise awareness among the targeted segments of the importance of sustaining fish stocks through implementing a ban on fishing of certain species during their breeding seasons.

To achieve these wider goals, Moccae is also urging fishermen and beachgoers to return Sheri and Safi fish to the water if they are accidentally caught in their fishing gear.