Was yours one of 100,000 complaints resolved in Dubai

From 2010 until first half of 2017

DUBAI 27 July 2017: The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in Dubai Economy has resolved 105,258 consumer complaints from 2010 until the first half of 2017, with an average of 15,000 complaints per year through its Contact Center (Ahlan Dubai) 600545555.

These figures reflect CCCP’s vital role in the protection of consumer rights, and its commitment to maintain neutrality in the dealing between merchants and consumers to enhance the business environment in Dubai as a safe destination for residents and tourists.

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The complaints received were from various sectors, with Services accounting for 35% of the total followed by the electronics sector (22%), automotive sector (12%), textiles and personal items (8%), furniture (3%), car rental (1%), and others (19%).

The consumer complaints varied with 22% related to product failure, 18% cash refund, 10% non-compliance with agreements, 6% commercial fraud, 5% replacement complaints, 4% on extra fees. Complaints related to noncompliance with the price list constituted 3% of the total, while those on defects in the device accounted for 2%, non-compliance with warranty terms (2%), and damage and breakage in the product (1%). Miscellaneous complaints account for the rest 22%.

“The retail sector is a key driver in the development of our local economy and we are committed to raising Dubai’s reputation as the ideal location and business platform for selling and buying at both the local and international levels. The CCCP sector is keen to promote transparency and facilitate the relationship between traders and consumers through an ideal environment with a high culture of awareness and neutrality in buying and selling in accordance with the highest quality standards and practices,” said Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah, CEO of CCCP.

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The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection have diversified the channels of communication with consumers, and started with the contact centre ‘Ahlan Dubai’, followed by receiving complaints via e-mail, and with the increasing use of the Internet and the different channels of social communication, the sector also receives complaints via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media channels.

“Dubai Economy maintains an active interface with consumers as part of our efforts to ensure a vibrant and healthy retail environment in Dubai. Consumer awareness in Dubai is definitely on the rise and the workshops and campaigns regularly conducted by the CCCP sector have contributed substantially to encouraging consumers to raise issues and seek solutions,” added Lootah.

“Our efforts contribute to improving customer satisfaction and sustaining trade in Dubai in line with the government’s strategy to upgrade services in the emirate. The Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection Sector, through the ‘Be Right; Know Your Consumer Rights’ campaign seeks to raise consumer rights awareness and receive complaints from consumers,” concluded Lootah.

By Angel Chan