Paid holidays, gratuity for domestic workers in UAE

By Sheena Amos

President issues law on support service workers


ABU DHABI 27 September 2017: UAE President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued Federal Law No. 10 of 2017 on support service workers.

The law covers 19 service work occupations, which include: sailors, guards, parking valet workers, farmers, gardeners, domestic workers, cooks, and nannies, as well as private trainers, nurses, and drivers.

The 41 article-law includes provisions on tariffs, recruitment and employment offices, labour contracts, employer and employee obligations, inspection, penalties, holidays, end of service indemnity, termination of contract and settlement of disputes, said Wam.

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Saqr bin Ghobash Saeed Ghobash, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, said that the law will work to achieve balance, regulate the contractual working relationship, and provide legal protection of all concerned parties. The minister added that the law reflects the UAE’s commitment to uphold the rule of law and harmonise national legislation with international standards pertaining to labour issues.

He explained, “The law is characterised by its coverage of all stages of the contractual work cycle through a set of provisions that lay out obligations of all parties, including recruitment offices involved with the mediation of the temporary employment of workers.”

Ghobash explained that the ministry is close to finalising the executive regulations of the law and the models of labour contracts in preparation for the implementation of the law.