Ahsan Khan in Sharjah

Popular Pakistani model turned TV actor Ahsan Khan visited Thumbay Medical & Dental Specialty Centre – Sharjah on Saturday evening, 24th September 2016 to celebrate the Clinic’s 5th anniversary . The actor, who has garnered much appreciation and fan-base across both India and Pakistan with hit Pakistani dramas, was flocked by hundreds of patients and visitors as he toured the hospital’s facilities.

Ahsan was welcomed at the hospital by Dr. Manvir Singh – Administrative Director, Healthcare Division and Dr. Shaju Philip – Assistant Administrative Director, Thumbay Medical & Dental Specialty Centre, Sharjah. Accompanied by them, Ahsan toured the advanced, ultra-modern facilities at the hospital. He also visited the outlets of various Thumbay Group brands within the hospital, like Thumbay Pharmacy, Zo & Mo Opticals, Nutri Plus Vita and Blends & Brews Coffee Shoppe

Impressed with the state-of-art facilities and Thumbay group’s initiatives, He described Thumbay Hospital as a “centre with incredibly high standard of care and proactive team approach.” The star, meanwhile, also freely mingled with the crowd of fans, posed for selfies, obliged every autograph request and thanked the visitors and hospital team for their affection.

Commenting on the visit, Akbar Moideen Thumbay, vice president of the healthcare division of Thumbay Group said, “We are delighted that Ahsan has joined us to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Thumbay Medical & Dental Specialty Centre. The renowned celebs’ appreciation for our state-of-the art facilities and proactive approach is definitely something to be proud of. Thumbay as a group is highly committed to transforming the UAE healthcare ecosystem by making healthcare more accessible, affordable and actionable for millions of people around the country.”

Thumbay Clinics are located at Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain and offer services ranging from the latest medical procedures and diagnostics to a plethora of outpatient services and tests across dozens of medical specialties. Thumbay Clinics offer premium facilities that make them one of the finest community health care providers. The entire network of Thumbay hospitals and clinics is affiliated to Gulf Medical University and also offers teaching and training facilities to GMU students. The Thumbay networks of academic hospitals are presently operational at Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah and Hyderabad (India).

In a bid to promote best practices in the multi-billion-dollar health care industry of the UAE, the Health Magazine is coming up with an initiative to host a comprehensive Annual Health Awards for the first time on January 16, 2017 supported by Department of Economic Development (DED) – Dubai.

Pakistani model turned TV actor Ahsan Khan on Saturday evening, 24th September 2016 extended his support to the Annual Health Awards 2017. Describing the Health Awards as a ‘seal of excellence’, Ahsan Khan said that such a recognition helps to closely scrutinise how healthcare professionals can further develop their services regularly and consistently to meet the ever-growing needs of the wider patient community.

“I am sure winning this award will strongly boost the confidence of healthcare providers and professionals that they are moving towards achieving their ambition to make quality healthcare available in UAE .I wish all of you to join #heathawards, and sign up for this great cause and make it a multi-fold success,” Khan added.

The initiative, which has received participation from major healthcare groups and appreciation from Bollywood, Pakistani actors, has opened for nominations with a deadline of October 31, 2016 for all registrations. The awards will publicize and promote significant achievements from professionals across the region, to inspire the young readers to dream big and to embark upon great endeavors. It will honor many more deserving achievers in the years to come, gradually evolving as an industry benchmark of professional excellence.

For further details on this award and nominations, please visit the website: http://www.healthmagazine.ae/awards/index.php or send an email to: info@healthmagazine.ae

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