Brexit backlash: Europeans see Brits as ‘stupid and ugly’

(Brits hit back, saying the Germans stare and the Spanish lisp)

Britain’s decision to pull out of the European Union is still drawing ire, with people in other European countries describing the Brits as stupid, dirty and ugly.

The Daily Express newspaper on Thursday published results of a study of Google surfers in Germany and other EU members showing how they real feel about the Brits.

The study by “Search Laboratory” looked at Google’s auto-fill suggestions to find out what our European neighbors want to know about Britons – and it’s “far from complimentary,” the paper said.

The top search in Germany is: “Why are the British so stupid?”, while the  supposedly friendly, laid back Dutch wondered why were “so ugly”.

The Italians wanted to know why the British were “so dirty” while Spain’s main search was a simple statement of dubious fact: “The English are strange.”

Meanwhile, Portugal – yes the home of Cristiano Ronaldo – wanted to know why the English were “cry babies”

“Given the bitter divorce Britain is currently experiencing following the Brexit vote, none of this should come as a surprise,” the report said.

“And it seems the feeling’s mutual, anyway. ……top searches in the UK ask why German’s stare and the Spanish have a lisp.”