Pay Dubai parking fees, earn Nol loyalty points

By Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 16 January 2020: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that motorists can now earn loyalty points on Nol Plus by paying parking fees through RTA Dubai app.

Through this initiative, RTA seeks to encourage parking users to use the parking account to pay parking fees.

Customers can recharge their parking accounts through Nol card, mPay or ePay. The underlying objective of linking loyalty points with this smart payment of parking fees is to encourage the public to use the smart apps and benefit from features provided such as saving surcharges associated with other payment modes, detecting vacant parking slots, and obtaining a record of past transactions.

Users can earn and utilize their loyalty points in the form of balance added to Nol cards or discounts on e-Vouchers usable at a variety of cafes, restaurants and other entertainment or shopping outlets to add more pleasure to Nol Plus users.

The initiative will also boost the smart transformation of services by increasing the number of users of RTA apps and encouraging public transport riders to use Nol card to pay their bus or taxi fares. As such, it fits well with RTA and Dubai Government efforts in this regard.