Police Patrol Rejected: Arrested ‘investor’ demands car befitting his ‘status’

verbally abused policeman and his uniform

DUBAI 28 August 2017: An Egyptian investor who was under arrest asked for a special police car feeling that he should be treated in a better way being a ‘very important person’.

It is a fact that Dubai Police own a fleet of luxury patrol cars including Bugattis, Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

The Dubai Criminal Court will give its verdict in the case today.

On June 24, one MS headed to a cleaning company owned by the Egyptian MI, 26, to claim his dues.

MI – and another man called Hassan – assaulted MS and hurt his finger, so he informed the police.

Policeman MA, 24 Iranian, was assigned to investigate the complaint which occurred in Hor Al Anz.

“I met the complainant, MS, and asked him to head to the hospital to get a medical report about his finger and then to come to Al Muraqqabat police station to lodge a complaint. While I was still there, I got a notification from the Operation Room about a woman complaining of a man harassing her,” he said.

The woman was in the same area and, upon meeting her, she said that a Pakistani used to chase her to her residence and knocks at her door.

“Asking her who was her harasser, she pointed at MS who was standing next to the policeman. MS told the policeman that the woman was his colleague and that he used to accompany her to work for the past 15 days,” testified the policeman.

The policeman asked the woman to present her ID and asked her to approach the police station to lodge her complaint.

“I waited her for some time to get her ID, but as she was late, I asked MS to guide me to her residence. I knocked at the door and as she opened, I noticed a man inside. I suspected the man because she told me that all residents in the flat were women. I asked her about the man, but she denied that there was anyone there. However, as another woman opened the door, I saw the man inside. I asked her to call him to talk to me,” said the policeman.

Asking the man why he was there, he told me that it was his flat and the women work for his company.

“I told him that was against the law because he should get a permission to do that. When he heard that he verbally assaulted me and my police uniform claiming that I do not know procedures. He also insulted me personally saying: ‘You do not know who I am and who you are.. I have a company and I will open another one.

“I asked him to approach the police station and as I got down the building and in front of the police patrol and the public he asked me about my name and then he called someone saying: ‘Who appointed this policeman in Dubai Police and who put on him the uniform. He was pointing at me. He then asked the man he was talking to over the phone to send him a special police patrol from Dubai Police Headquarter as he refused to get into the police car,” testified the policeman.

The police patrol left the scene and headed to the police station. After sometime, the Egyptian came in and apologized for his behavior.

The policeman did not accept his apology because the Egyptian insulted him and his uniform in front of a crowd.

MS and the police patrol’s driver repeated corroborative testimony.

The court will give sentence on August 28.

By Lolyana Zaki