Poor visibility in UAE caused by wind and rainfall: NCM

By Sheena Amos

ABU DHABI 14 March 2018: The National Centre of Meteorology (NMC), has called on motorists to take all precaution against poor visibility and adhere to traffic rules due to fog formations.

The centre added that it is predicted that visibility will be less than 1,000 metres at times over some internal areas during the period from 1 am  last night until 9 am today morning.

It had warned of poor visibility less than 2,000 metre over eastern areas of the country due to convective clouds formation associated with rainfall and fresh winds causing blowing dust.

NCM has issued a three-day weather forecast until Friday.

On Wednesday, the weather will be humid at night, with probable formation of fog by the morning and with a fall in temperatures. Winds will be north-westerly with speeds of 20 – 30 Km/ hr, reaching 45 Km/hr over the sea, causing blowing dust over exposed areas during the day. The sea will be rough in the Arabian Gulf and moderate to rough in the Gulf of Oman.

On Thursday, the weather will be humid again at night in inland areas, with the probability of fog formation by morning, later turning fair. Winds will be north-westerly with speeds of 15 – 25 Km/ hr, reaching 38 Km/hr over the sea. In the Arabian Gulf, the sea state will be rough, becoming moderate by night, and moderate in the Gulf of Oman.

On Friday, it will continue to be humid at night and in the early morning in inland and coastal areas, with some fog forming. Winds will be north-westerly, becoming south-easterly with speeds of 10 – 20 Km/ hr, reaching 30 Km/hr. The sea state will be slight to moderate in the Arabian Gulf and in the Gulf of Oman.