Quartet adds two entities, 11 to terror lists

By Rajive Singh

ABU DHABI 23 November 2017: The United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab Republic of Egypt have extended their terror lists, adding two entities and 11 individuals over ties to terrorism.

The quartet has issued the following statement, said Wam:

“In line with their commitment to fight terrorism, dry up its sources, and combat extremist ideologies and their promotion, and as part of their concerted action to end terrorism and shield communities against it in collaboration with their partners, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab Republic of Egypt announce the addition of two entities and 11 individuals to their designated lists of terror as follows:


  1. The International Islamic Council
  2. The International Union for Muslim Scholars


  1. Khalid Nazim Diab
  2. Salim Jaber Omar Ali Sultan Fathallah Jaber
  3. Maisar Ali Mousa Abdullah Al Jubouri
  4. Mohamed Ali Saeed Atm
  5. Hassan Ali Mohamed Goma’ Sultan
  6. Mohamed Soliman Haider Mohamed Al Haider
  7. Mohamed Gamal Ahmed Heshmat Abdul Hamid
  8. Al Sayed Mohamed Izzet Ibrahim Issa
  9. Yahia Al Sayed Ibrahim Mohamed Mousa
  10. Qadri Mohamed Fahmi Mahmoud Al Sheikh
  11. Alaa Ali Ali Mohamed Al Samahi

The added entities are terror organisations working for promoting terrorism by spreading hate speech under the cloak of Islam to facilitate different terrorist activities. The individuals have perpetrated different acts of terror directly funded by Qatar at various levels, including using Qatari passports and working under the cover of Qatari charitable organisations to facilitate their activities.

The four countries confirm that the Qatari authorities continue to support, sponsor and finance terrorism, encourage extremism and spread hate speech.

Based on the quartet’s monitoring mechanisms, the Qatari authorities have not taken any practical measures to cease terrorist activities.

The four countries reiterate their commitment to consolidating efforts aimed at countering terrorism and reinforcing pillars of security and stability in the region.

They also reaffirm that they will show no complacency in pursuing terrorist individuals and groups and will leverage all regional and international endeavours in this respect. They will continue to fight terrorist acts and target sources of terrorism funding – whatever its origin. They will also maintain the effective work with their partners across the world to contain activities of terrorist and extremist groups. No state should remain tight-lipped about these activities.

The four countries also thank all the nations which support their efforts to counter terrorism, extremism and violence and build on them in sustaining efforts and cooperation to eradicate the scourge whose evil harms all corners of the world and the humanity at large.”