Ramadan: Dubai cracks down on ‘begging tourism’

By Sheena Amos

Illustrative Image

DUBAI 6 May 2019: Dubai has begun to crack down on begging tourism in the UAE, which peaks during the holy month of Ramadan.

Tourists from some Asian countries make it a point to arrive in the UAE during Ramadan. They beg from door to door or at strategic locations counting on the tendency towards charity which Ramadan engenders to earn surprisingly large amounts.

It has been reprted in the past that some ‘beggars’ were found to be staying at 5-star hotels and driving upmarket cars.

But this time, Dubai Police are on the alert and have already gone on a campaign to educate the public about the beggars.

Under the slogan ‘Do not encourage begging and be a turning point’, the police has called on the public not to sympathize with beggars, especially as some of them use fraudulent methods to get money out of you.

Dubai Police has arrested many beggars who showed they were disabled, but on inspection turned out to be healthy and not suffering from any disease.

Public is urged to donate only to recognized charitable organizations, it said.

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