Warning against ‘skull-breaker’ game in schools

By Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 23 February 2019: Dubai Police has warned school students not to play the Tik-Tok viral ‘skull-breaker’ game as it has led to serious injuries elsewhere.

Brigadier Saeed Hamad bin Sulaiman Al Malik, Director of Al Rashidiya Police Station in Dubai and head of the police’s ‘School Security’ initiative, warned against deadly games that some people promote through social media.

He said the latest is the Skull Breaker Challenge in which an unsuspecting target victim is asked to stand between two of his schoolmates in a line. All three are told to jump in the air. While the unsuspecting victim does so, the two on either side of him, kick his feet out, causing the victim to fall on the ground leading to possible severe damage to his head and bones.

Brigadier Al Malik said the Schools Security unit was launched in 2018 in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. Its aim is safety of students and protecting them from external risks and trends.

He said the School Security initiative also aims to develop environmental awareness among students, develop their civil sense, enrich their traffic culture, and introduce them to safety measures.