In this Ramadan and Year of Giving, many beg to ‘con and take’ from you

Abu Dhabi Police warn of fraudulent methods used by online beggars

ABU DHABI 12 June 2017: The General Command of Abu Dhabi Police has called on public to be vigilant about fraudulent methods used by beggars online to solicit money illegally.

It urged the public to identify those methods used by beggars electronically, and not to hesitate to report them with provision of evidence of illegal behaviour, which does not comply with the traditional values of the UAE community, said Wam.

Abu Dhabi Police have registered several reports of online fraud based on fraudulent humanitarian appeals to fool Internet and social media users.

Police officials revealed several examples of appeals used by online swindlers to approach people, and stressed the importance of raising public awareness about these appeals.

They also urged social media users to raise public awareness about these examples and other fraudulent methods, which trick people into transferring money to the beggars.

The police called on philanthropists to donate money to charity through official channels, according to clear procedures and regulations under official supervision so that they will not become victims of electronic fraud.

Abu Dhabi Police have also launched an awareness campaign through social media to warn against the risks posed by electronic beggars, with the aim to promote the security culture among individuals and educate them about risks of responding to the online cheating.

By Angel Chan