5 made to clean roads, tend parks and fill petrol

Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution upholds Al Dhafra Court verdict

ABU DHABI 17 July 2017: Two reckless drivers have been assigned to cultivate and maintain public parks, another two assigned to clean public roads and squares while another one was assigned to work at a petrol pump.

The Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution for Community Service Measures has ordered four convicted UAE nationals and a GCC citizen, involved in three different cases, to carry out community service sentences, as per the verdicts issued against them by the Al Dhafra Criminal Court.

Ali Mohammed Al Balushi, Attorney-General of Abu Dhabi, called on the youth to adopt responsible behaviour on public roads and not to endanger people’s lives. He also highlighted that youths aged between 18 and 30 drive recklessly in the streets, during vacations.

Addressing this phenomenon requires the co-operation of all educational, community and media authorities, as well as security and judicial institutions, and he called on parents and families to guide their children about the dangers of not following traffic laws, he added.

Al Balushi stressed that community service penalties are considered opportunities provided by courts for convicted people, in cases where penalties do not exceed three years according to the penal code. They aim to adjust their behaviour and mental and intellectual decisions without placing them in prison, in order to not affect their future and reputation. However, the prosecution will implement heavier penalties against them in cases of repeat violations, he added.

He also hoped that community service sentences will constitute a turning point in the lives of convicted people and will enable them to enhance their lives after undergoing the rich experience of serving the community.

By Rajive Singh