Record: Plate No. 2 sells for how many millions?

By Eudore R. Chand

60 plates sold for over Dh55 million

ABU DHABI 19 November 2017: Plate number 2 hit a record as the highest bid at the sale of 60 exclusive number plates in UAE capital to mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Abu Dhabi Police.



Emirates Auction, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, sold 60 plate numbers for private vehicles of (Category 1) for a total of more than Dh55 million. This came during an auction that Emirates Auction held yesterday evening (Saturday), at Emirates Palace, and attended by 800 people.


Plate number (2) hit a historic record with a bid of Dh10.1 million. The auction saw heated bidding for plate number (2) which recorded over 20 bids, before being sold.

Plate number (11) ranked second with a winning bid of Dh6.44 million. Plate number (10) recorded the third highest bid with Dh5.4 million.

التطبيق الخاص بالأرقام المميزة (1)

Plate number (22) was sold for Dh4.05 million. Plate number (17) sold for Dh3.3 million, and plate number (60) was sold for Dh2.95 million.