Shrubs, palm in GCC on fire due to heat? Watch videos

lightening is known to put trees on fire

DUBAI 7 August 2017: Last week has been hot – literally. A palm tree along Sultana Street in Al Madina Al Munnawara in Saudi Arabia apparently spontaneously caught fire much to the shock and surprise of passersby and motorists.

Multiple videos of the fire are going viral on social media.

The tree caught fire around 6.30 am local time during a thunderstorm – apparently due to a lightening strike. The incident reportedly took place on August 2.

Fire trucks were seen in some of the videos. July and August are the hottest months in the Gulf with mercury reaching 50°C – and more.

Video posted by قناة سعودي فلة on YouTube

KUWAIT: Another video that is going viral on social media is one purportedly from Kuwait – wherein shrubs along the road catch fire due to heat towards the end of July.

Video posted by rajive singh

There have been documented cases of palm trees catching fire – but when struck by lightening – like the one below 2 years ago in Los Angeles.

Video posted by Max Shuster

It has been hot in the UAE too with one resident last month frying a sunny side up egg on his patio floor.

Save gas bills… cook sunny-side-up on patio floor

By Eudore R. Chand