Salesman steals 22 phones… by taping them to leg

phones from his employers worth Dh60,944

DUBAI 22 July 2017: An Ugandan salesman allegedly stole 22 smart phones from his employers worth Dh60,944, by wrapping them around his leg under the trouser, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

In January 2016, two salesmen were at the company’s store with HK.

“My colleague and I saw HK, 40, picking an ear set from a shelf of the store and putting it in his pocket.” Testified SA, 21, Indian salesman.

His colleague SM, 23, repeated corroborative testimonies.

The two salesmen informed their senior who reviewed footage of CCTV which showed HK in the store on different occasions picking up mobile sets removing them from the boxes and bending down and wrapping them around his leg under his trouser before leaving the store.

The company found 22 empty mobile boxes in the store.

The company checked the stocks and discovered the missing of 22 mobile sets which worth Dh60,944.

The court will give sentence on July 27.

By Lolyana Zaki