Trucks on roads during fog banned by Sharjah

DG Staff

SHARJAH 6 February 2021: With the aim of reducing the human and material losses that may be caused by traffic accidents resulting from the fluctuations of climatic conditions, especially when fog forms, the Sharjah Police General Command has warned of the dangers of the trucks and heavy vehicles movement on the internal and external roads of the emirate during the occurrence of fog, announcing the suspension of the movement of those vehicles until the condition clears up, and visibility is clear.

This measure stems from the leadership’s keenness to protect lives and property and to enhance traffic safety, in line with the Ministry of Interior’s strategic goal to make roads safer.

Sharjah Police called on heavy vehicle and truck drivers to fully adhere to the decision to prevent this category of vehicles from driving during fog, and to take precautions and caution for their drivers, by applying correct measures that achieve their safety of road users, said Wam.

The Sharjah Police General Command confirmed that it will fine non-compliant trucks and heavy vehicles, in accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. 178 of the year regarding traffic control rules and procedures, as Article 104, Paragraph (c) stipulates the violation of that category of vehicles when driving in fog times, with a fine of the amount Dh500 and 4 traffic points.


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