Slovenia, the land of green, water and wellness

By DG Staff

DUBAI 7 February 2019: Slovenia is the land of green nature, water and the wellness, situated in central Europe at the crossroads of the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plains and the Karst.

Slovenia offers a wide range of activities and interests for each taste. In a single day, you can indulge in Alpine adventures, enjoy coastal Mediterranean cuisine, explore the mysterious karst world, and experience luxury wellness treatments with therapeutic water in Slovenia’s spas. Tour pleasant Slovenian towns and cities, including capital Ljubljana, which is considered to be one of the greenest capital cities in Europe.

Below are some of the highlights that can be done in Slovenia:

Watch and Cheer Sporting events: World cups for winter sports will take place at six venues in alpine skiing, biathlon, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and ski jumping, culminating in the FIS Ski Flying World Championship in Planica. Cycling and running competitions will be at the centre stage of the sporting events in the warmer months of the year. So for all sports lovers, it will be the ideal place to visit before the Summer Olympics 2020.

Festivals for every taste: Festivals in Slovenia are spread throughout the year, but most take place in the warmer months. Get to know Slovenian traditions and customs at ethnological festivals, indulge in the vibrant rhythms of music festivals for every taste, and attend theatre, dance, fine art or other art festivals. Visit the festivals that will appeal to you with their uniqueness. Children can also have fun in the company of fairy-tale characters. From Music festivals, performance and visual Arts celebrations, to special festivals in Slovenia, every visitor will find his taste in the land of nature and fun.

Diverse range of concerts: Experience unforgettable moments at concerts of world-renowned performers in Slovenia. Most major concerts will take place in Ljubljana. Book your tickets and take the time to explore the beauties of Slovenia before the concert.

Have a delicious culinary experience: Slovenia has been nominated as 2021 European Region of Gastronomy. The beauty of Slovenia’s landscape is also reflected in its cuisine. In one day you can taste completely different dishes with a culinary character of the region they come from. You don’t have to drive far, because you can experience the full taste of Slovenian cuisine in one place.

New adventures to experience: Try Kayaking adventure through the underground of Mount Peca, make a getaway in the tree tops of Garden Village Bled, visit the famous Slovenian caves, visit the Ljubljana castle or go to a gastronomic adventure to experience the olive oil industry in Slovenia. So whenever you visit Slovenia, you will find a new experience of adventure.