Stalker-molester preyed on single women in Dubai park

assaulted at least two women in the park

DUBAI 21 August 2017: A stalker-molester who terrified women at Nad Shamma park during Ramadan and was arrested in the same park within a couple of days, will be sentenced tomorrow.

The Dubai Criminal Court heard that on June 2, at around 10pm, Ethiopian housewife, HS, 21, headed to the neighbourhood Nad Shamma park for a walk.

“While I was exercising, I noticed a man sitting on bench. I did not give him attention, but he shouted: ‘I would like to know you… give me your number.’ Moreover, he followed me, so I stepped faster… almost running as I was scared of him.

“All of a sudden he rushed towards me from the back and strongly hugged me with his body touching mine and his two hands groping my breasts. I pushed him away shouting and threatening to call the police waiving my mobile which was in my hand and I was crying and screaming.

He begged me not to call the police and jumped and snatched the mobile phone before running away,” said the woman.

A man who was also exercising in the park noticed a man running out of the park with a mobile phone in his hand until disappeared in streets in the opposite direction. The witness did not know or expect what the situation was until he reached the security guard where a woman was crying and speaking about her molester.


After a couple of minutes, the woman’s husband came to the park and the two lodged a complaint with Al Rashidiya police station.

Three days later, the woman went to the park to exercise and accidentally she met a UAE national woman and told her about her molester.

“Shockingly, the woman told me that a man of the same description, had molested her in the park too a couple of days earlier,” she said.

The two women then resumed walking together and shockingly they noticed their molester in the park with other men.

“Immediately, I called the police and told them that I have seen my molester in the same park,” said the Ethiopian HS.

Police arrived and arrested the molester, TK, 25, Pakistani mechanic while he was attempting to leave the park.

The accused admitted to the crime and police confiscated the victim’s mobile from his accommodation.

The prosecution has asked the court to award the accused the stiffest penalty and the court will give sentence on August 22.

By Lolyana Zaki